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Monday, February 26, 2007

Introducing Scott McInnis

  • Colorado: GOP former Rep. Scott McInnis has filed the paperwork to officially enter the 2008 CO Senate race. But who is Scott McInnis? What has he been up to since his retirement from the House? DKos diarist angka offers some insight into McInnis' recent professional life via a press release from ProgressNowAction:

    Call to Save Colorado’s Western Slope from the Oil Industry:
    Stop Scott "McLobbyist" McInnis from selling out the Western Slope

    Denver: ProgressNowAction launched a new online campaign to save Colorado’s Western Slope from the expansion of massive oil drilling led by the Canadian oil company EnCana and its lobbyist, ex-Congressman Scott McInnis.

    "We call on the public to join our citizens’ campaign to oppose efforts by EnCana and its lobbyist Scott McInnis that threaten the Western Slope’s land and private property rights," stated Michael Huttner, Executive Director of ProgressNowAction.
    Mr. McInnis, take a bow. Scott "McLobbyist" McInnis isn't a bad nickname to go with Sprintin' John Sununu and Two-Faced Susan Collins. Montana's Gov. Schweitzer and Sen. Tester showed the GOP what happens to Republican candidates who claim to be good ole Mountain West conservatives, but actually sell out hunters, ranchers, and environmentalists to K Street and the right-wingers. If McInnis wins his primary, Rep. Udall will give him a similar education.


    Blogger Johnny C said...

    Any chance of a real primary fight on the GOP side in Colorado?

    11:02 AM, February 27, 2007  
    Blogger Senate2008Guru said...

    There will probably be a primary fight among the CO-GOP for the Senate seat in 2008. The question is how nasty it will get.

    Ideally, former Rep. Scott McInnis will be challenged by former Rep. Bob Schaffer. That would be nasty. McInnis is just very conservative while Schaffer is super-crazy-conservative.

    If Schaffer doesn't get in though, Bentley Rayburn would then likely get in to represent the super-far-right.

    Similarly, there are rumblings that Secretary of State Mike Coffman might also join the race.

    Also, radio talk show right winger Dan Caplis is a potential wild card in the race.

    So, there will likely be a primary - just a question of how divisive.

    11:24 AM, February 27, 2007  
    Blogger VA Blogger said...

    Its probably that there will be multiple GOP candidates, but it remains to be seen how competitive they'll stack up against McInnis. Since McInnis is a moderate (having represented the liberal 3rd district for his entire term while easily winning re-election), many in the base are clamoring for a conservative alternative, but its looking increasingly unlikely that Schaffer will be that candidate. Dan Caplis isn't going to risk his standing as a conservative beacon by contributing to a divisive primary.

    Bentley Rayburn is seriously considering a run, but its unclear how well a failed Congressonal primary candidate will fare in a Senate primary against an establishment candidate. Coffman will likely hold his ammo for Ritter in 2010.

    The most likely scenario is McInnis versus Rayburn, but McInnis already has a huge money, name ID, and endorsement advantage over him, so its not likely to steer him off track. If things largely stay the same as they are now, its looking as if the moderate McInnis will go up against the liberal Udall in a presidential year.

    12:43 PM, February 27, 2007  

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