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Friday, March 02, 2007

On the Outs

As always, Happy Friday:

  • New Mexico: Singer at MyDD looks more deeply into the political implications of the potential-breach of Senate (& House) ethics rules by Pete Domenici (& Heather Wilson). If Domenici was too tainted by this potential-scandal to run for re-election (which would mean that Heather Wilson was also too tainted to run), it would likely leave Rep. Steve Pearce as the go-to Republican Senate nominee. Pearce is very conservative - fine for his district, and fine for a NM-GOP Senate primary if there is one, but most likely too far to the right for New Mexico statewide, meaning someone like Rep. Tom Udall, Lt. Gov. Diane Denish, or former state Attorney General Patricia Madrid could take the Senate seat. We'll see how the facts (and any potential investigations) play out. The political implications alone of the hypothetical headline "Domenici Subpoenaed" are pretty intense. Democracy for New Mexico also offers its thoughts.

  • North Carolina: Not a good sign for those of us waiting for popular-but-term-limited Gov. Mike Easley to consider a Senate bid: he doesn't enjoy dealing with the hearing process in the Senate. Still no quote directly from Easley saying, "I will not run for Senate in 2008," but more of the same lack of interest nonetheless. Still hoping, though! If anyone can sell him on it, it'd be Schumer.

  • Kentucky: Cliff Schecter offers some obstructionist hypocrisy from Mitch McConnell.


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    Easley has said he prefers being in an executive position and not a legislative one.

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