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Thursday, March 01, 2007

McConnell Carries Bush's Water and Other Oh So Shocking News

  • Kentucky: The Washington Times paints an overly-rosy picture of Mitch McConnell carrying Bush's water in the Senate. For instance, the article notes, "The latest polls show that more Kentucky voters approve of Mr. McConnell's performance than disapprove." Yeah, but most Senators don't brag about a 49-42 rating. Thanks for putting it in context, WashTimes. The article also suggests that, "The most prominent likely challenger to Mr. McConnell is wealthy Louisville businessman Charlie Owen, who ran for the Senate in 2002 but lost in the primary." Let's see someone get in there. The message is all laid out for you. And the issue opening is there.

  • New Jersey: Singer at MyDD dares the GOP to blow a few more million in the Garden State.

  • New Hampshire: The Dartmouth has a thorough look at Jay Buckley, the former astronaut/medical school professor/former flight surgeon with the USAF Reserve considering a Senate bid. An outrageous resume.


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