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Thursday, April 12, 2007

George W. Bush's Terrible Press Day

I'm working on the morning Senate race news post - but I had to take a quick break to highlight what a terrible press day this will be for George W. Bush. The top three news stories right now are:

  • A tragic suicide bombing in the Iraqi Parliament building "in the heart of the heavily fortified, U.S.-protected Green Zone." Two Iraqi lawmakers are reportedly dead and dozens more wounded. Do Bush, McCain, and the Senate Republicans want to tell us again how well Bush's surge is working?

  • The White House admits that it conveniently "mishandled" Republican Party (i.e. RNC-based) e-mails concerning official White House business. There are so many levels of corruption, unlawfulness, and pure idiocy here, smoke is pouring out of my ears.

  • The Senate passes legislation easing Bush's restrictions on stem cell research, which Bush is expected to veto, despite overwhelming and sustained public support for stem cell research.

    I think Dana Perino is going to have one of the most unpleasant days of her life today...


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