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Monday, April 23, 2007

Monday Evening Quick Hits

  • Minnesota: The DSCC catches Norm Coleman "pulling a McCain," demonstrating how frighteningly out-of-touch Coleman is with the reality on the ground in Iraq.

  • Nebraska: More insight on state AG Jon Bruning's primary lead against Senator Chuck Hagel: from the right, Leavenworth Street; from the left, New Nebraska Network. It looks like things are getting so testy between the different factions of the NE-GOP that the NRSC might send John McCain and Norm Coleman to Nebraska to assure us that conditions between the Hagel faction and the Bruning faction are allegedly improving!

  • Kentucky: Bluegrass Report has DSCC polling showing Democratic Congressman Ben Chandler within the margin of error against Mitch McConnell. This is a partisan poll, so, again, grains of salt. But, wow. It illustrates again that McConnell is most definitely vulnerable, huge bankroll aside.

  • Oregon: Blue Oregon gives us a two-fer: a missive on Gordon Smith's very early re-tread of "Dems for Smith" evidencing his anxiety over his re-election chances; and a call not to underestimate the political prowess of Steve Novick.


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