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Friday, March 02, 2007

Nicknames for GOP Senators Up for Re-Election in 2008

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    One thing George W. Bush and I have in common is that we both like to give people nicknames. It's fun.

    Many of the Republican Senators up for re-election in 2008 are worthy of fun nicknames. Here are some ideas. Tell me what you think.

    "Smilin'" Norm Coleman: Whether he's smooching with George W. Bush or modeling for his cosmetic surgeon, Smilin' Norm always has a grin on his face.

    "Two-Faced" Susan Collins: Two-Faced Susan says she'll limit herself to two terms and then breaks her pledge; says she opposes escalation in Iraq and then endorses for President the field's biggest pro-escalation voice; and says she's a moderate but supports segregation-sympathizer Trent Lott for leadership. You never know what you'll get with her!

    Libby "The Chair" Dole: To commemorate Dole's historic performance as Chair of the NRSC. Also, she has the charisma of a piece of furniture.

    "Pajamas" Pete Domenici: "Pajamas" Pete just likes to be comfortable when he goes for a stroll around the Senate office buildings.

    Jim "In Denial" Inhofe: For the Senator who called global warming the "greatest hoax perpetrated on the American people" - sounds like "In Denial" Inhofe just needs to face facts.

    "Ditch" Mitch McConnell: In recognition of the "Ditch Mitch" effort and because the ditch is where the Senate GOP's influence will lay, gasping its last breaths, after a couple more terms with McConnell as GOP Leader.

    "Finger in the Wind" Gordon Smith: There are too many links on the internet to list, but Gordon Smith tries to blatantly have it both ways on issues enough to appear to be the most finger-in-the-wind politician I've ever seen.

    Ted "The Quitter" Stevens: "The Quitter" threatens to bolt the Senate every time he doesn't get his way on a vote. It should be a lot more frustrating for him spending the rest of his career in the minority party.

    "Sprintin'" John Sununu: Whether he's running away from reporters or running away from a clear position on Iraq, Sprintin' Sununu is the fastest Senator in Washington.

    What fun nicknames can you come up with?


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